Time Away

Time away from work programs are available to support your personal wellbeing, ability to recharge, observe personal choice holidays, and take care of your families when needed. Activision Blizzard King provides generous vacation, sick time, floating holidays, company observed holidays, and an annual winter shutdown for our employees. Employees requiring extended time away from work for the addition of a child to their family, bereavement time, time for active duty or reserve military, or Compassion leave to spend with an immediate family member in the last year of their life are also supported. Full policies on time away from work can be found on the HR Knowledge Base.


All full time regular US employees receive 20 days vacation accrued annually.

Sick Time

You are eligible for nine days (or 72 hours) of sick pay each year (prorated from date of hire). Sick pay is granted January 1st or upon your hire date. 


Each calendar year the Company provides paid holidays

Floating Holidays

You will receive up to two floating holidays annually based on your date of hire. These days can be used for a federal holiday not currently on the company calendar, days that have religious or cultural significance, or your birthday.

Company Paid Leave of Absence

Receive a minimum of 10-weeks fully paid leave of absence time for the following: The birth or adoption of a child, Compassion leave to spend with an immediate family member with a terminal diagnosis and is in their last year of life, and Extended Bereavement in the event of a loss of an immediate family member.

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